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It doesn't always happen to "someone else." Think Freedom Coverage for the unexpected.

How Freedom Coverage works


If you are in an accident or experience a covered illness



and are confined to a hospital



you will receive a cash benefit for every day you are hospitalized.*


*Elimination Period May Apply

Keep your lifestyle and your savings. See how we can help.

Coverage that fits your style.

Living expenses can stack up fast when you're in the hospital.

  • rent

    rent or mortgage

  • car

    car payments

  • gas


  • petcare

    pet care

  • mobile

    cell phone bill

  • cart


Your primary medical insurance might not address the

out-of-pocket living expenses that could add up when you are in the hospital.

Key Features

The cash benefits paid regardless of other insurance you have.

Your policy stays with you, even if you change jobs or retire.

No deductible.

Coverage for you and your family.

See how this insurance can help!

View how others have used Freedom Coverage to recover.


When Marci's husband became sick last summer he was in the hospital for 4 days.

See their story >

Both Marci and her husband have jobs that pay hourly. Since, both were unable to work, neither received a pay check for those four days and a few days after due to recovery. Since they had Freedom Coverage in place, they were able to take the cash benefit they received and comfortably pay their monthly rent on time. They were able to concentrate on getting Marci's husband better and not worry how they were going to pay their bills with no income for those few days.


While rafting,Darren was in an accident that caused him to be in the hospital for 5 days.

See his story >

With young children while he was unexpectedly in the hospital, Freedom Coverage gave him the peace of mind that his children were taken care of and he didn't have to worry about where he was going to get the extra funds from to pay for this extra expense. His children are his number one priority.


Ron and jenny are parents of two accident-prone children. Getting hurt happens.

See their story >

Although Ron and Jenny have great health insurance, it does not cover certain hospital expenses. With Freedom Coverage they were able to use the cash benefit they received for additional hospital expenses that they did not expect and did not have to tap into their savings.

The best part - it's competitively priced!

For the price of a daily cup of coffee we can help cover the out-of-pocket expenses your health insurance might not cover or other living expenses.


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Peace of mind when you need it most so you can focus on getting better.


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