15 October

It’s Time to Make the Switch from Graphic Design to UI/UX

As the demand for digital products increases, the design market has shifted heavily towards interactivity. UI applies to how interactive elements such as buttons, drop down menus, and virtually every specific component of a page is designed, leaving UX to pertain to the user experience, or how users will interact with all of the elements on an interface. Together UI/UX make a powerful combination that leads to the most well informed outcome, which is why those positions dominate the market. Let’s face it, it’s time to switch from graphic design.

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24 August

Being a parent is like riding a bike. Except the bike is on fire, the ground is on fire, your on fire and your in hell!

— anonymous parent
11 August

15 Email Tools and Tricks That Will Help You Improve Your Productivity

We all wish we had more time to finish our daily workload, but the fact is, you can never have enough time at work, especially when your inbox is always full.

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12 July

9 Top Tools for Creating Bootstrap Themes & Templates

There’s no way around it. Creating a theme for Bootstrap can be a big job. Coming up with a look and feel is the first step but applying it can feeling daunting. Don’t fret, there are tools you can use to speed up the process and even make it enjoyable.

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10 June

Awesome Kiddo Pics

These are just to good not to share!

04 May

30 Inspiring Twitter Bootstrap Examples

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