Hi, I'm Len Osvatic

Who I am

I grew up in Milwaukee, WI and graduating from Milwaukee Area Tech with an A.S.S in Visual Communication, I got my first job as a Multimedia Developer in the Marketing industry. This would be the first in a long line of titles I would hold. Some of these include; Senior Developer, Consultant, Project manager, Interactive Specialist, Web developer and Web Master.

I moved to Atlanta, GA to pursue better career opportunities and lived and worked there for over 10 years. During that time, I enjoyed working for some of the most progressive interactive agencies Atlanta had to offer.

In the fall of 2006 my family was given the opportunity to live in the Dallas, TX area where I currently reside.

What I do

You name it! if it's customer facing and you can click on it I've most likley have some experience with it. Wether it be, web or app development, email marketing, print or design, interactive and multimedia development I've done it all. There's not enough room on this page for me to list all the experiences I've been lucky enough to have been involved in. So if you want to know if have experience with something, just ask.

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    Frankie The Love

    Frankie was born and raised in Dallas and is a proud Texas A&M Aggie. She has been in the mortgage servicing field as a manager for over 10 years in the DFW area. When she is not working she loves to be outdoors with the kids or cooking fantastic meals that she gets from some of her favorite TV food stars. Her favorite place to visit is San Francisco, CA and she hopes to travel to Europe some day soon. If you ask her about our dog she would tell you that the dog is the ghost of a past girlfriend of mine, I disagree, that dog loves me way more than that girl did. Frankie is a wonderful partner and my children adore her!

    Kiddos The Life

    Hailey is my sweetpie 10 year old daughter and Jack is my little buddy 8 year old son. Hailey was born a Georgia Peach and trust me she demands to be treated that way and Jack, well if there ever was a near perfect child it would be sweet jack. Both keep Frankie and I on our toes, from plays that Hailey participates in to Jack's tennis or a simple day at the pool with their big step brother Scott, we are busy from sunrise to sunset but we would not trade our lives for anything. Ask the kids and they will be happy to tell you, we are the best un-normal happy family around but we sure have fun at being un-normal.

    Whisky The Dog

    Whisky was a rescue dog that Frankie and I adopted almost two years ago. She is a sweet playful girl who loves attention. But keep two eyes on her at all times. Just some of her talents include banana theft, stealth counter top raids and crate escapes. Luckily, Frankie is thas been the disciplinarian to her and trained her to do some pretty awesome commends. As for me, i spoil her rotten. Whisky has been such a wonderful addition to our family and without her life would be a little lonely.

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    My Knowledge Sphere

    With over 12 years experience working in advertising, marketing and technology areas I've built up a pretty impressive array of skills.


    Planning & Executing Projects

    User Experience

    Developing Form and Function


    Bringing Your Ideas to Liife


    Keeping Up On The Latest


    Getting Your Message Out


    Branding & Delivering Your Message

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